Friday, November 16, 2018

Police rescue 35-year-old man in tears as his friends attempt to forcefully circumcise him in Kenya (Photos)

A 35-year-old taxi driver from
Kenya was on Monday rescued by Police after his colleagues stripped in an attempt to forcefully circumcise him.
According to Kenya's Standard Media, the victim, only identified as Brown is said to have been exhibiting ‘childish’ behaviours which drew suspicion among his colleagues that he was uncircumcised.
His colleagues were said to have raised Sh7,000 for payment of the circumcision before they forcefully took him to Enkare-Narok river , where they washed his body ahead of the procedure. But luckily for the man, Police arrived at the scene and rescued him.

Speaking with the publication, one of the colleagues said: “We recently got a tip-off from his close friends that he was not circumcised. Ironically he has been insulting people by referring them as ‘kihii’ (uncircumcised).
We laid an ambush and when we stripped him, we confirmed that he was indeed uncircumcised,” he added.

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