Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Man savagely beats his ex-girlfriend for breaking up with him (Photos)

A man who savagely attacked his ex-girlfriend and beat her beyond recognition after she broke up with him, has been jailed for 28 months.
The man identified as Jake Bushell left
Jade Gallagher with multiple injuries after he showed up at her home drunk and high on cocaine.
According to UK Mirror, Mr. Bushell, launched the “despicable” attack on her October 21 as he wouldn’t take no for an answer when Jade announced she was done with the relationship.

Before his arrest, the 22-year-old was already subject to a court order for stalking Miss Gallagher and using a ladder to creep into her room in the middle of the night.
According to the Chronicle Live, Bushell, who appeared to sneer at the camera in his mugshot, has been jailed for 28 months and banned from contacting his victim indefinitely.

Miss Gallagher said in a statement: "I thought he was going to kill me.
"I'm sure if I had not managed to escape he would have killed me.
"He showed no signs of stopping and was completely out of control.
"Even in the street, with neighbours watching, he continued to assault me.
"It was completely unprovoked and the punching was relentless, even when I was unconscious. He was still hitting me when I came round."

The court heard the attack happened at her home six weeks after he was in court and given a community order and restraining order for stalking Miss Gallagher by pestering her with phone calls and climbing through her bedroom window during the night, UK Mirror reported.
Prosecutor Claire Anderson told the court the former couple had both been at the same party that night and the violence flared back at her house.

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